Burmese army thugs attack protesters

Burmese people demonstrating against the coup were attacked on Thursday February 25 in the streets of Rangoon by army supporters. This technique of repression is reminiscent of that used during the uprising of 1988.

Hundreds of army supporters attacked a peaceful protest against the 1is february announcement the site Coconut.

In front of the station in Rangoon, the economic capital of Burma, people gathered for a concert of casseroles, one of the rallying methods used by opponents of the military seizure of power, were attacked with machetes, iron bars and slings, according to witnesses on the spot.

At least three people were reportedly injured in the attacks. In the eyes of some, the security forces are complicit in the implementation of this violence, “The police having moved just before the barriers installed the day before against the deployment of anti-junta demonstrators before putting them back where they were, to surround” the group of opponents.

According to photos posted on social networks, some of the attackers were reportedly transported in police vehicles. “A live video online media Mizzima shows residents who arrested around thirty attackers, identified as army veterans ”, relate Coconut.

Release thugs to use it

An analysis of the regional site Asia Times recalled that, “On February 12, the army showed how far it was prepared to go to protect its power and its wealth when the new junta released 23,000 common criminals, with the obvious aim of sowing chaos. Soon after this wave of releases, burglaries, fires and chaos spread throughout Rangoon and other towns, prompting residents of several neighborhoods to organize their own volunteer patrols to defend their homes. ”

Techniques reminiscent of those used before the repression of the 1988 uprising. Thousands of people were killed by soldiers following demonstrations against the military regime of the day. As in the past, by sowing chaos in the streets, the army would have a very obvious reason to intervene violently against the opponents.

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