Burnout for nearly a year, the mayor of Forest continues to receive his salary of 8,500 euros gross per month

It’s a story that makes a lot of noise on the Forest side. For nearly a year, mayor Ecolo Stéphane Roberti has been on sick leave due to burnout. Despite his prolonged absence, the latter continues to receive his salary, under the terms of an agreement reached within the majority. That is to say more than 8,500 euros per month, which let us specify it, are not supported by the mutual. In addition, his medical certificate has once again been extended until January 17.

A situation that several elected officials consider unacceptable, in fact some have decided to challenge the municipal council on this subject. Among the latter, Laurent Hacken, municipal councilor cdH. “We can’t even imagine that he can come back because he will have missed so many things. Having to catch up with everything would be counterproductive ”, he confided to our colleagues from RTBF. The advisor asks that a solution be quickly found.

For her part, Marie Lecocq, co-president of the Brussels regional Ecolo, explains that the municipality only respects “the legal prescriptions”. Nevertheless, the ecologist considers that it would be useful to change the law “to guarantee representatives equal access to the right to sick leave, while allowing a replacement ‘in title’ within the Colleges”. In fact, since the law does not allow two mayors to be paid within the same municipality, the second alderman Mariam El Hamidine (Ecolo), who has replaced Mr. Roberti for nearly a year, continues for his part to receive his Alderman’s salary, approximately 25% less than that of Mr. Roberti.

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