Business: The massive attack on high-profile user accounts, from Elon Musk

The hackers involved in hacking high-profile Twitter accounts were young friends with no ties to organized crime, The New York Times reported.

The attack, which as the federal police are investigating, it started with a message among hackers on the platform Discord, a popular chat service among “gamers”, according to the Times.

The newspaper said it had interviewed four people who participated in the hack and that they shared records and screenshots of what happened.

“Interviews indicate that the attack was not the work of a country, such as Russia, or of a sophisticated group of hackers,” the Times reported.

Instead, it was done by a group of young people, one of whom says he lives at home with his mother, who met because of his obsession with possessing unusual names on social media, particularly a letter or number, such as @ and @ 6 “.

The massive attack on high-profile user accounts, from Elon Musk until Joe Biden, has raised doubts about the safety of Twitter, a network that serves as a platform for American politicians before the November elections.

“According to what we know at the moment, approximately 130 accounts were attacked by Twitter said in a tweet.

“Attackers were able to gain control of a small subset of these accounts and then send tweets from them.”

From the official accounts of Apple, Uber, Kanye West, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and many others, the pirates tried to trick the public into sending them money in the form of bitcoins, a virtual currency.

Twitter said it appeared to be a “coordinated attack (by) people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal tools and systems.”

The fraudulent messages, which were later largely eliminated, asked users to send within half an hour of US $ 1,000 in cryptocurrencies bitcoin, promising that they would receive double in return.

More than US $ 100,000 in bitcoins were sent to the email addresses mentioned in the tweets, he indicated. , a site that monitors transactions in cryptocurrencies.

Young hackers interviewed by the Times They said that a mysterious user named “Kirk” started the scheme with a message and was the one who had access to the Twitter accounts.


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