Businesses: PlayStation 5 launches worldwide on November 19

Updated 09/16/2020 at 7:51 PM

Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 It will go on sale worldwide from November 19, although from the 12th of that month it will be available in the United States, Japan, Mexico and a handful of countries that include no more European or Latin American.

The price of the standard version will be US $ 499 -499 euros as well, while the digital version without a disc reader will be the affordable model with a cost of US $ 399 -and euros-.

Thus, the main version of the PlayStation 5 will compete against the new star model of the console Microsoft, the Xbox Series X, days after its launch on November 10 and with the same price.

However, the same will not happen with the entry models, since the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will cost US $ 100 more than the new Xbox Series S, the little sister of the Xbox that will go on sale for US $ 299.

In a presentation, Sony explained that the new console will be compatible with an “overwhelming majority” of titles designed for the PlayStation 4, while previewing exclusive titles for the next-generation machine.

PlayStation 5 will be launched accompanied by new installments from franchises such as “Spider-Man Miles Morales”, the first black arachnid superhero and whose first images have starred in part of its virtual event.

“Final Fantasy XVI”, “Resident Evil VIII: Village”, “God of War 2” and “Gran Turismo 7” were other video game who met during the presentation.

Likewise, new sagas titles such as Harry Potter: “Hogwarts Legacy”, Call of Duty: “Black Ops Cold War” and Fortnite have been confirmed.

In time for the Christmas campaign

The PS5 will hit the market in time for the 2020 Christmas campaign and features an AMD Zen 2 eight-core processor, an AMD RDNA GPU and an SSD with 825 GB of storage and a performance of 5.5 GB per second as its main technical specifications.

When it comes to graphics and sounds, the Sony console can reproduce 8K image quality, 4K at 120 Hz, and 3D audio.

In its promotional strategy, the company has been unveiling details of its new console with droppers since spring until detailing that it will finally follow the same strategy as the Xbox, with a cloud-based entry model and another standard with better features.


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