But in fact, what time is it on the Moon?

As a result, scientists have two options :

  1. a time based on a system that synchronizes with UTC (Earth time),
  2. a time independent of Earth time, which would only work on the Moon.

The debate is ongoing between different space agencies and academic organizations. They also met in November 2022 to start drafting recommendations on the subject at ESA (Noordwijk, Netherlands). It seems that scientists are leaning towards the second option, that ofan independent hour.

In this case, THE ” Days on the Moon could also be defined differently from those on Earth, to account for the time between solar noon from the Moon and Earth, averaging 29.5 Earth days. Earth days will always be important for astronauts, given the human need for sleep in a roughly 24-hour cycle..”

If a lunar standard is defined, then it will be necessary to install at least three “master clocks” of reference which will function at the natural rhythm of the Moon, it will still be necessary to decide where to place them…

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