“But the person who did that, she doesn’t like animals”

“I came back from the hunt by a path that I don’t often take,” said Frédéric, who hunts every Sunday with his three dogs. On the way home, one of them started barking, which alerted his master.

Frédéric quickly finds a Staff dog tied to a tree by a chain, in a remote location in the forest. “He was thin, he had a bowl but it was empty,” he said. “He was afraid of Isia, Isis and Flipper, my three dogs. He was shaking, you could tell he was scared. But he didn’t budge, he was as nice as anything, not aggressive ”.

The hunter contacted the town hall and the animal, first placed in an impound, was recovered by the SPA. “But the person who did that, she doesn’t like animals,” Frédéric lamented. “We don’t do that to a dog, it just doesn’t happen. “


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