But what are the odds of getting a 5 star character in Genshin Impact?

Since its release in September 2020, the free-to-play Genshin Impact has obsessed gamers. Very addictive, this game allows gamers to evolve in a vast universe. It must be said that the Chinese studio miHoYo has found the right vein to maintain the interest of players. Apart from the many quests that are made available to gamers, there are also characters that they can get randomly in the game.

The most coveted of them are the 5 star characters. Most gamers tear their hair out to get even one. According to figures put forward by miHoYo, the drop percentage of a 5-star character would be 1.6%. These estimates are, however, disputed by players who claim that the percentage is more like 1.4%.

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Many players are trying to unravel the secrets of the algorithm used by miHoYo on Genshin Impact to know exactly the chances of getting a 5 star character in this title.

It does not skimp on the means

There are several ways to try to get a 5 star character. The best known is to use the wish system which can be compared to what players call the lootbox. This system involves the game’s algorithm. Recently, a player used this system to calculate the percentage chance of getting a 5 star character.

You should know that the Vows are very important to progress in Genshin Impact. This gamer has decided to use all of the Wishes he has acquired in the game to try and get a 5 star character. In total, 6,000 Wishes he granted during a game.

A not very encouraging figure

This player, whose identity has not been revealed, has used these 6,000 Wishes consecutively. In the world of Genshin Impact, this kind of transaction is not trivial. Indeed, these 6,000 Wishes are the equivalent of approximately 1,000,000 Primo-Gems.

We can say that he was not afraid of breaking the bank to understand how Genshin Impact’s algorithm works. Indeed, these 6,000 Wishes are worth around 16,000 euros. Fortunately, this sum was not spent in vain and for good reason.

The player may have come to the conclusion that the percentage chance of getting a 5 star character in Genshin Impact is 0.6% if you use 75 Wishes. This number increases a little if you grant between 76 and 90 Wishes.

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