Entertainment "but what is that?" (VIDEO)

“but what is that?” (VIDEO)


“But what is this?” The Marseille-born model Baptiste Giabiconi was this Wednesday evening the guest of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s team, in his talk show C to you on France 5. The opportunity for the young man to come and talk about his book, a book of memories dedicated to his privileged relationship with the late Karl Lagerfeld. Confident man of the star designer, Baptiste Giabiconi publishes at the end of February Karl and I, published by Robert Laffont. If the book is not yet in bookseller this Wednesday evening, it has already caused a lot of ink to flow, in particular on the very intimate relationship which linked the two men. So much so that he confesses in his work that the former artistic director of the house Chanel placed him at the very top of his heritage. “On the list, I am the highest. The first heir. Karl always saidThere is no love in life, there is only evidence of love ” he assures besides.

“It’s not even half an hour since we met”

Readers will also learn that the two men seriously thought about becoming a father and son at one time, a project they abandoned in the face of the complexity of administrative tasks. But, in addition to these big revelations, Baptiste Giabiconi also reveals little more crisp anecdotes. Like that of their first meeting, in 2008, for example. “It’s not even half an hour since we met Karl, he first asked me ‘Baptiste, you are of legal age, you are well 18, do we agree’?” begins by telling the model. The answer being positive, the planned photo session can start.

“It’s funny, in fact it’s offbeat!”

“And then he switches to his famous film photos, and he asks me, with much kindness, ‘do you mind if we take some naked photos?'” The answer to this daring question, there too, will be positive, but the photographer will be entitled to a little surprise … “At that time, I mowed my private parts a little bit closely, and so there he made me ‘Wow there! But what is that ?! It looks like a garden hose!’ “ A small replica that will not make the model uncomfortable, on the contrary: “It’s funny, in fact it’s offbeat!”

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