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What should I do if I find a beehive in my residence? A Hong Kong woman living in a village house wrote that she recently found a giant beehive outside the house. She tried to drive it away with “fire attacks” and water cannons. Some exterminators pointed out that the honey bee hive can house more than 100 bees, and random “attacks” can cause the hive to burst out of the hive at any time.


Butler Wang︳ has been in the business for more than 40 years. With a daily salary of $15, he started as a decoration master and thought about his wife and children at the moment of his life and death.

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[Bees enter the house]A giant fruit-horse hive is found outside the windows of residents in Tseung Kwan O. Experts: More than 100 bees living in the house can be fatally stung. The details are:[next page

A female netizen living in a village house posted on the online discussion forum on Sunday (14th) afternoon “Liandeng” post, indicating that a “bee sinus” appeared outside the residence. The photos uploaded by the host show that there is a brown beehive on the gray cement wall with dozens of large bees on it. The victim claimed that he could not see their species at all, so he asked the netizen, “Does anyone know the difference?”

“Fire attack” + water gun to drive away

About an hour later, the victim updated the “battle status”, indicating that the hive was destroyed by “fire attack” and “physical attack” from a long distance, and the bee hive was shot with a water gun. Although the bee colony had left the hive, it was still staying on the nearby eaves Describing them as “seeking to make a comeback”,

“They held an emergency meeting to discuss countermeasures. It is not known for the time being that they will re-build their nests and fix the water. I just hope that they will not send diplomats in, and they will not dare to go out and fix it. ?”

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As of the early morning of Monday (15th), the victim said that the bee colony had not left, and a cockroach had “stepped on the field”. He planned to go to work in the morning and then decide what to do.

Netizens: It is troublesome for bees to build their nests

After seeing the post, many netizens joked that the victim could get “fresh honey” from it, and some estimated that the bee was a “fruit hornet” or a “long-legged wasp”, reminding her not to open the window and suggesting that she find a professional. Deal with it, and then spray bleach in the same place to prevent the bees from coming back to build their nests, and other netizens share their own experiences.

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Expert: Fruit wasps live in a hive with more than 100 bees

In an interview with The Sky Post, Zheng Guokeng, a “forest-watching insect pest”, said that the fruit wasp, a wasp species, can carry materials back and forth hundreds to thousands of times a day, and it only takes a few days to a week for a nest to be the size of a basketball. If the wasps can sense the weather is unstable, if it is approaching a windy day, they will “move the sinus”, they will choose a safe place, and they will move their nests once a year to a year and a half.

“A honey bee hive is inhabited by about 10 to more than a hundred bees, depending on the maturity of the hive and the colony, there are nurseries and adult habitats in the hive.”

Pay attention to the “three nos” when encountering

Zheng Guokeng reminded that the fruit wasp is highly alert and will increase its alertness as long as someone approaches. For example, touching the nest with a stick may attract a large number of fruit wasps and even attack people. Therefore, he has “three nos” suggestions: do not actively touch the beehive, do not open adjacent windows, and do not spray insecticidal water to drive them away.

“If you use the wrong insecticidal water, you won’t be able to kill a lot of people, but you will also attack individuals, not just one bee, but there will be 10 or 20 bees.”

He reminded that because residents generally do not have suitable protective equipment, special tools and potions, and the fruit wasp is different from ordinary bees, its size is large and dangerous, and it can sting people continuously. In this case, do not clean up by yourself, and seek professional follow-up as soon as possible.

How to deal with swarms

Chen Weiqiang, vice president of the Hong Kong Pest Control Practitioners Association, said that it is not recommended to use insecticide water or spray clean water to deal with bee colonies, so doing so may cause bee colonies to fly around. For someone who proposed to use “fire attack”, he pointed out that the danger of using fire is high to trigger a fire alarm at any time, and “smoke attack” can indeed make bees lose their resistance and mobility, and then “shovel away” or “𢳂 away” the colony, but The general public should not try randomly.

FEHD provides wasp/wild bee eradication service

FEHD will provide wasp/wild bee eradication services in public places, but will not provide such services to private and public residential buildings that have employed building management companies, and all private non-residential places. The building management company can formulate the work of removing the hives according to the DMC or provide support to the owners/occupiers concerned. If the building management company lacks the expertise in this area, it can contact a private pest control company for assistance.

If you wish to request FEHD to dispose of the hive, you may call the FEHD 24-hour hotline 2868 0000 (answered by 1823) and provide information on the size, location and height of the hive so as to facilitate follow-up by FEHD staff.

“Rescue Bee” Service by Local Beekeepers

The pest control company “SC Johnson Group” launched the “Save Local Bees” conservation program in 2018. After receiving the customer’s hive/swarm discovery report, they will work with local beekeepers to try to remove the bee colony. , transferred to the apiary close to nature to continue living and producing honey.

Beehive outside the window ︳ A giant bee was found building a nest outside the window of a Hong Kong man’s home isolation. Experts warn that the danger is high and the nesting speed is fast.next page

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