Buy at the Ezeiza Free Shop (in pesos and without 30% or 45%)

The other day we returned to Argentina, passed immigration and went to the baggage claim area, where the Tax & Duty Free store is also located, or as travelers commonly call it, the Free Shop.

One of the graces of this place is that it is one of the few places where one can pay the products at the official dollar valuewithout having to pay the 30% of the COUNTRY Tax neither him 45% of Perceived Earnings / Personal Assets.

I don’t know why they partially advertise this with signs that refer only to the 30% PAIS tax.

But, we reiterate, neither 30% nor 45% is paid. For example, if the price of a product is marked at USD 100 and at that moment the official dollar price is AR$ 140, we will pay in ARS 14,000, nothing more.

As for the prices, There are opportunities that are advantageous and others that are not.. We suggest you look and compare; for example, the other day they were selling Carolina Herrera’s 212 Sexy 100ml EDPS perfume for USD 69.95 (official), about AR$ 9,700, a value well below what you get in the local market.

We went to see the iPhone 13 priceswas obtained for USD 1,785 (official), about AR$ 247,700.

If you buy something big, keep in mind that there is a franchise of USD 500 per person to then go through customs with purchases in the arrival free shop. If they stop them and ask for information about the purchase, they may have to pay tariffs for the surplus. Remember that the franchises are added by family group.

Here you can see the price of the PS5:

We also went to see the large Milka chocolates, but we found them quite out of price. In Spain we paid them EUR 2.50, about AR$ 620, and here they had them at USD 7.50 (official), about AR$ 1,040.

It is worth mentioning that the Free Shop is part of a loyalty program through which you can access a 5% discount (or more depending on the category within the program). More info:

And another interesting discount is the one obtained by anticipating purchases online: 20% for purchases of more than USD 99.

And you, Do you usually buy at the Ezeiza Free Shop? What things do they buy?

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