Buy insurance for the Motorcycle Act at 7-11, get the right to exchange for a helmet at a lower price than the factory.

Central car accident protection company Together with Counter Service Co., Ltd. to organize a project “Helmets for safe motorcycle users, together with 7-11” when purchasing and renewing insurance. Motorcycle Act No. 7-11 receives the right to buy a helmet at a lower price than the factory.

On May 30, 2021, Central Car Accident Victims Protection Co., Ltd. organized a project “Helmets for Motorcycle Users Safety with 7-11” by joining hands with Counter Service Co., Ltd. to distribute white helmets. Special “I LOVE MY HEAD” that has received industrial standard products of 100,000 pieces, selling at a special price lower than the factory cost. For only 144 baht each (including home delivery and service charges)

In terms of purchasing helmets, when people buy/renew motorcycle insurance in front of a 7-Eleven store will receive a receipt and a bar code of the right to buy a helmet at the end of the receipt or people buy/re-insurance Online Motorcycle Act through You will also receive a confirmation email and a barcode for helmet redemption. For helmet delivery, the central company will deliver the helmet to the customer to the specified address within 14 business days (via Thai postal service). Customers can add Line @iRVP for inspection. check delivery status

For those interested, they can buy from 29 May 2021 to 31 December 2021 at counter service, 7-Eleven stores nationwide. or call for more information at the company Car Accident Victims Protection Center Limited Call Center 1791 24 hours a day

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