Buy PlayStation 5: shortly before the release, consoles will be replenished

We’ll show you where you can basically pre-order and buy the PS5 and add this overview as soon as other dealers join.

After pre-order chaos: Check availability regularly

The pre-order process was pretty chaotic so far, the console is basically nowhere to be found. Sony even informed its users for this fact via Twitter sorry and promised to release more consoles for pre-order as soon as possible. Indeed, the PlayStation 5 has now been available for pre-order again; but again only for a short time.

According to Gamestop, it should be one third wave on PS5 consoles. As the company revealed, this should directly to the launch of PlayStation 5 on November 19, 2020 be available. Accordingly, there could also be new consoles at other retailers for the launch. So if you are on your toes, you could secure a PS5 online, which will land in your own hands a few weeks later.

If you are interested in a PlayStation 5, we therefore recommend that you regularly online at the relevant dealers stop by and check whether a pre-order or purchase is possible again.

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