Buying diesel by the liter and disbursing it by dropper

Issa Yahya wrote in “Nidaa Al-Watan”:

Fuel prices fluctuate from day to day according to the price of the Ministry of Energy, and the Bekaa people monitor the rate of price increases and decreases with their eyes on the diesel fuel that ignites their pockets with the fire of high prices, and they buy the quantities according to the weather temperature.

The troubles and hardships of life impose a reality on the Lebanese that has become almost inevitable. They live according to what the circumstances require and the material liquidity in their hands and according to their salaries that fly at the speed of lightning. They even gave up their priorities, including food, clothing and heating in the best of winter.

And at the gates of the frost that envelops the Bekaa and some other areas, where the temperatures drop to levels that the children’s bodies cannot bear, and while many people prepared during the summer what is necessary for heating, including firewood and diesel fuel, there are many families outside the framework of securing the “heaters” requirements, they live every day On its day, they buy diesel in liters and spend it with a dropper, or collect the branches of trees that are pruned at this time, and everything that falls on their hands in order to secure the warmth that breaks the cold weather.

Years before the crisis that befell them, the people of Bekaa used to prepare for the winter according to its needs, prepare winter supplies and fill the fuel tank according to their expenses or buy firewood, and with the high price that hits various sectors and commodities, their ability to buy diesel decreased with the arrival of hailstorms during the past week And the amount of quantities that they buy depends on the weather and rain temperatures, so some of them turn on the heater when it rains or is freezing cold, and some of them use it during the night hours only, and they go to the stations that sell according to the official price, or the stations of the “Hezbollah” secretariat that sell Iranian diesel at a lower price than the official price of fifty thousand pounds.

Many are counting on Hezbollah bringing in Iranian diesel fuel, as it did last year, and selling it at prices that some can afford, despite questions about its quality, or in terms of thefts and random distribution, and with the price of a plate reaching 850,000, noting that it is not sufficient for a house for two days, the demands rose. By importing Iranian diesel, and some of the people of the region appealed to the “party” to take this step to ease the burdens on the citizens, after rumors circulated about “Hezbollah’s” intention to bring it in, while the distribution mechanism is still unclear, whether in terms of the price or the available quantities.

According to the information circulated, the mechanism that will be adopted fluctuates between selling a barrel for fifty dollars, and between handing people an amount of money to buy diesel, or adopting a “sajjad” card distributed by the “party” that entitles its bearer to obtain diesel, noting that the entry of diesel tanks from Syrian territory To the Lebanese interior in favor of “Hezbollah”, it did not stop during the summer period until now, but rather its number increased some time ago.

The rationing of diesel fuel and the inability to purchase it was not limited to citizens, some of whom resorted to using heavy clothing and blankets. Rather, some public schools in Baalbek were affected, and text messages were sent to the parents via “WhatsApp” that diesel was not available to warm their children and that they would have to close until it was secured. Other schools have recommended thicker clothes for their children’s parents in case they decide to send them on their own responsibility.

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