Buzova was laughed at for strange dances

Instagram is still discussing whether the singer knows how to move plasticly.

Olga Buzova. Photo: Global Look Press

Singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova is preparing to present his new solo concert at the end of the month and promises that it will be something grandiose. Having recently released the third album, the beauty continues to disappear at rehearsals, and an excerpt from one of them was shown on the microblog.

After Buzova shared a fragment of her dance, many “experts” in choreography and plastic fell on her. In the comments, a dispute erupted over whether Olga can dance and what she is doing in this video.

“Without sound, if you look, it looks like it’s like an electric shock”, “There is no plastic like a log,” “She absolutely does not hear the beat and music, she has better sleep on her ears,” “I watched without a sound and could not understand whether she dances or convulses. What kind of dances are they? With plastic in general, the trouble “,” Music does not hear his hands waving is not beautiful “,” Buzov you chase mosquitoes or glitches? “

By the way, earlier the pole dance of Buzovoy was appreciated on the air of Channel One by showman Ivan Urgant. It seemed to him that Olga was building gas pipeline.

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