Buzz: Trump’s ‘raccoons’ attack

Mischievous little animals have taken aim at journalists at the White House.

The raccoons of the White House are entitled to a nice buzz thanks to a reporter.


A CBS employee reported on Twitter Monday that journalists and photographers œworking in the White House were taken to task by … raccoons. She explained that one of these mammalss «attacked several press teams» and would have grabbed the leg of a photographer then a correspondent «before being pushed back».

Nothing serious, then. But the journalist still clarified that the White House contacted the General Services Administration, which is in charge of US federal properties.

The attack on the raccoon gang ended up mostly make laugh Internet users and a generated a nice buzz. Some had funs to imagine that the animals had been sent by Donald Trump to distract from his tax news.

On his side «The Independent» notes that the White House estate and the raccoons have a long common history. The most famous hairy animal in history being Rebecca, a raccoon who was given to President Calvin Coolidge in 1926.

AT the time this gift was intended to be eaten in Thanksgiving… But the president’s family had fallen in love with the animal. As a result, Rebecca circulated freely in the White House. And was kept on a leash outside.

Wife of President Coolidge Grace Coolidge and Rebecca, in 1927.

Wife of President Coolidge Grace Coolidge and Rebecca, in 1927.


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