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With the votes of the SPÖ, the GRÜNEN and NEOS, the implementation of the Alt-Penzing traffic concept was decided today.

Vienna (OTS) It includes the tour of Penzinger Strasse as a one-way route in the direction of Schlossallee from Nisselgasse to Phillipsgasse. The heat islands that exist in this area are significantly defused by intensive greening with trees. Contrary to one-way cycling is also permitted in this area. At the Nisselgasse/Penzingerstraße intersection, a traffic light will be set up that is switched according to traffic.

Cumberlandstraße is interrupted at Diesterweggasse and leads from Diesterweggasse to Gurkgasse in oncoming traffic. Cumberlandstraße will also be intensively planted with trees. Biking will be possible in both directions throughout the Cumberlandstrasse.

In Beckmanngasse, the one-way route will remain as it is at the moment.

The following goals are achieved with these steps:
The through traffic in the residential area is calmed down and residents can easily reach the area.

The intensive tree planting in one of the most densely populated parts of Penzing is a significant contribution to improving the climate in this area and increases the quality of stay for the residents.

The tradesmen based in this area should be affected as little as possible in the exercise of their trade.

“This decision is another piece of the puzzle to make our beautiful Penzing climate-friendly. After many years, with the participation of the affected citizens, we have succeeded in finding a solution that meets as many interests as possible and is in line with our responsibility for Vienna’s urban climate,” says District leader Michaela Schüchner (SPÖ).

“This is an important first step. But many more and larger steps are necessary. We must counter the climate crisis with serious measures: only a massive reduction in traffic, greening measures and the adaptation of the infrastructure to sustainable mobility can ensure that Penzing remains a livable district,” adds Green Club Chairwoman Anneliese Kästner-Hejda.

“The desired solution represents a good compromise, better dividing up public space between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers and making it greener at the same time. The beautiful Alt-Penzing will be even more worth living in,” says Wolfgang Gerold, chairman of the Neos Penzing club.

Implementation is scheduled to start in 2024.

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