BVB: Puma apologizes for Borussia Dortmund – Bundesliga jersey

The new Dortmund Champions League jersey caused a lot of anger among BVB fans. Now outfitter Puma has apologized.

CEO Björn Gulden, once a football professional himself, on dpa request: “We regret the anger of the fans and would like to apologize to them.”

Borussia ran with the neon yellow fabric in the Champions League against Besiktas Istanbul. The design of the jersey deviates from Standardtrikot from, among other things, it does not contain a recognizable club coat of arms.

Gulden continues: “The fans’ criticism relates to the fact that the BVB logo is simply incorporated several times into the material tone on tone and is embossed on the shirt chest, but is not clearly highlighted as the club crest.”

On the neon yellow shirt (supposed to be reminiscent of the cult jerseys of the 90s) a bold, black lettering “BVB 09” shines, underneath the sponsor “Evonik” in purple.

Accidentally was the tricot but published on the internet earlier this week. The fans ran storm.

According to BILD information, the Pott Club reacted to this and subsequently had a logo stamped on it.

Problem: It can hardly be seen with the naked eye, it’s just a watermark. BVB couldn’t do it any other way because the original jersey had already been registered with Uefa.

So that such a shitstorm will not happen again, Gulden promises the BVB fans: “We have really taken the feedback to heart and will take it into account for future jerseys – just as in the past.”


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