By taxi to the vaccination appointment

Et is a simple arithmetic game: because last year many Frankfurters with walking disabilities did not use trips that are normally paid for by the city, the money saved is now to be “processed”. Seniors who are registered in Frankfurt and have a vaccination appointment can be brought to the festival hall by taxi. The social department pays the costs. Daniela Birkenfeld (CDU), social affairs officer, announced this at the opening of the Frankfurt vaccination center.

A voucher issued by the city should be valid for both the outward and return journeys on both vaccination dates. An accompanying person can also come along. “Traveling by bus and train is a risk for seniors under the current conditions,” said Birkenfeld on Monday. Seniors can register from this Tuesday on under the telephone number 069/21245065 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. “We also want to support the Frankfurt taxi industry with this,” said Birkenfeld.

Offenbach city hall chief promises help

The advance from Frankfurt is putting other cities under pressure. Mayor Felix Schwenke (SPD) contradicted the representation in the social media on Monday that Offenbach did not want to offer a driving service for vaccination. Schwenke said in a specially convened press conference that a driver service was planned from the outset for those who had no other option. But you cannot immediately give a blanket commitment without first clarifying who will bear the costs. All Offenbachers who needed help will also be helped, said Schwenke.

Interior Minister Beuth also agreed to help: Seniors who are entitled to bill for an ambulance trip can also take a taxi to the vaccination appointment. “If, for whatever reason, the health insurance company does not pay for it, the State of Hesse will cover the costs,” said Beuth.


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