By the end of winter, everyone in the country may have been vaccinated, recovered, or died

The German Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, announced that “the rapid rise in cases of coronavirus, means that it is likely that by the end of this winter, almost everyone will be inGermanyHe was vaccinated, recovered, or died.”

In press statements, he urged his citizens to get vaccinated, including booster vaccines, if the first round of vaccination occurred, more than 6 months ago, in order to reduce the risk of serious diseases, according to the Associated Press news agency.

And the Minister of Health, after some described his previous opinion as “cynical”, confirmed that “this is the truth,” noting that “with the highly contagious “delta” mutant, this is very likely, and for this reason we recommend vaccination very urgently,” declaring that it will be Providing about 50 million doses of “Moderna” and “Pfizer / Bionic” vaccines for the rest of this year, in order to allow the first, second or third doses to be obtained, as necessary, explaining that in order to achieve this, Germany has reserved tens of millions of doses allocated from basis for poor countries.

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