Byte, rival of TikTok, achieves first place of downloads in the USA. UU. in his debut


The application restarts the obsolete Vine video exchange service.

Byte, a new video sharing application launched on Friday to compete with TikTok of ByteDance Inc., shot to the top of the Apple Inc. App Store in the United States. (Also read: TikTok reinforces its legal team for the protection of intellectual property)

Created by Dom Hofmann, Byte restarts the obsolete Vine video exchange service, He co-founded in the summer of 2012 and sold to Twitter Inc. later that year. The parent company could not find a way to make the service profitable and finally discontinued it in 2016. Despite its brief existence, Vine became a cultural contact point in the US. and many users accepted their six second time limit as a creative challenge. It was where the controversial YouTube star Logan Paul began, whose channel now has more than 20 million subscribers.

Byte “ended Friday as the # 1 free iPhone application in the US App Store. and still in the first place, ”said Randy Nelson of the research firm Sensor Tower. In addition to the US, Byte is also the leading free iOS application in Canada and is one of the top 10 in Australia, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom. In Android’s Play Store, Byte ranks sixth among the free apps in the US.

The timing of the Byte launch coincides with a time of TikTok accountability and its parent company based in Beijing. ByteDance seeks to hire an executive director for TikTok, who is under increasing scrutiny by US lawmakers who distrust the influence of Chinese companies on American consumers. TikTok’s unbridled popularity has been considered to create “national security risks,” according to a letter from Senators Chuck Schumer and Tom Cotton in the fall.

Unlike ByteDance, which is the most valued startup in the world, and most other contestants on social networks, Byte starts on a small scale and its community guidelines make several references to Modest company budget. Even so, the strong early response to the arrival of Byte, which comes with little or no early ostentation, suggests that the community that Vine built remains true to the particular six-second format. Some of the first popular videos on the platform are humorous proclamations of “Don’t post TikToks here.”


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Byte, rival of TikTok, achieves first place of downloads in the USA. UU. in his debut




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