Cabello: The US Government uses Colombia as an Israel in our continent

“The position of the Colombian government in relation to the assassination in Haiti is shameless. Today a high-ranking Colombian Army police officer comes out saying that these people (the detained mercenaries) were going to arrest the president of Haiti. Why is Colombia able to send mercenaries to arrest a President? First Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) Diosdado Cabello.

In an interview on the program A Pulso broadcast by VTV, he accused the United States of using Colombia to destabilize the region.

“The United States Government is turning the Government of Colombia, into the Zionist government of Israel in this area, capable of committing any atrocity.”

He added that “the operation carried out in Haiti was exactly the same as the Gideon (…) But they do not have the courage to assume the consequences of the actions they carry out,” reported the portal Con El Mazo Dando.


Cabello asserted that criminals have been given pardons with the commitment to advance peace, but it has always been these far-right characters who have broken their word.

“We have given a measure of thanks to some criminals who have always broken their word with the desire to advance in peace, recommendations, we listen to each other, but those who have failed their word are them,” he said.

He pointed out that the case of Leopoldo López, “is a genetic case in which the complexes and vanities of a person who were raised assuring him that he would be president of the Republic emerge.”

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