Cabinet is doing everything in its power to maintain a curfew

The cabinet will do everything in its power to keep the curfew for a while, even if it is unsuccessful on appeal on Friday. Today the cabinet is sending an urgent law to the Lower House, which was already signed by the king last night. The Council of State will issue an urgent advice, after which the law can be dealt with by parliament immediately.

The House of Representatives has an election recess, but can decide today to come back for this. Then the Senate can consider it tomorrow. The cabinet then hopes that there will be an alternative on Friday, if the court ruled on Friday that the measure was previously instituted on the wrong legal grounds, as the decision of the court in The Hague read yesterday.

The cabinet has appealed against that decision and has since asked to suspend the court’s decision until a decision has been made on appeal. The court agreed, which means that the curfew will remain in place until at least Friday, when the appeal is due.

‘Important means’

According to the cabinet and the experts of the Outbreak Management Team, the curfew is an important means in the fight against corona and in particular also against the third wave, which is threatened by all kinds of more contagious variants of the virus. Rutte said yesterday that before Tuesday, if another press conference about the measures is planned, it can be examined again whether the curfew can be lifted on or before March 2. “But at the moment that’s really not wise.”

It is not yet certain whether the emergency act will be passed by the Senate. “That is actually quite exciting”, says NOS reporter Wilco Boom. “The Lower House will probably agree. Most parties there already supported the introduction and extension of the curfew. But in the Upper House, the outgoing cabinet has long after no majority. “

Preventing a yo-yo effect, that was ultimately the motive of the court to maintain the curfew. Earlier, the court decided to dismiss the measure. An exciting day for Virus Truth and the cabinet.

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