Cabito introduced his girlfriend while still in the Hospital de Clínicas: “Before you were my friend and now you are my love”

Cabito Massa Alcántara entered the Clinic Hospital in June. At that time, her sister was very concerned about her delicate state of health and the lack of space resources. At the same time, he asked the network for blood donors and said that despite his delicate situation, he would continue to fight to get ahead.

In this context, the conductor had replicated a tender story that a woman had dedicated to him. And very loving he replied with the same tone. The days passed and, finally, Cabito spoke of Jessi; one of his bras in full hospitalization and his girlfriend.

In the Friends day, the driver shared an image of his partner driving and gave him a super special message.

“Before you were my friend, now you are my best friend, my love, my everything. Happy friend’s day,” he said, deeply in love.

Pure cuteness!


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