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Cadillac has unveiled the Lyriq, the brand’s first electric car. The Lyriq is a crossover and should be able to travel more than 480 kilometers, would have fast charging with a maximum of 150kW and extensive self-driving functions. The car will go into production in two years.

It car brand calls the Lyriq still a show model; there may be some changes in the production model. In any case, Cadillac says that the range is not yet final, but that the Lyriq is ‘designed’ to offer a range of more than 480 kilometers. Cadillac calculates this based on internal tests. The company says nothing about a possible range in accordance with the wltp standard applied in Europe.

The Lyriq gets a battery pack designed by General Motors that should be approximately 100kWh in size. The battery of the can be charged with a maximum of 150 kW. Home charging is done with a maximum of 19 kW. What loading times consumers can expect, Cadillac does not say. The cathodes will consist of nickel, cobalt, manganese and aluminum and, according to the company, contain 70 percent less cobalt than current GM batteries. Ncma batteries can be regarded as a further development of ncm batteries and should further reduce the use of cobalt while at the same time reducing costs and increasing the energy density. Volgens The Elec For example, LG Chem will start producing NCMA batteries in 2022.

The Lyriq comes standard with rear-wheel drive, although there is also a sportier variant with four-wheel drive. Cadillac does not yet provide any information about the engines used for the Lyriq. The manufacturer does say that the low center of gravity and the ‘almost’ perfect 50/50 weight distribution make for a sporty feeling car.

Like other Cadillac models, the Lyriq gets support for Super Cruise. This is the company’s self-driving technology, which allows the car to drive without the driver having to keep his or her hands on the wheel. The driver must keep his or her eyes on the road. This feature does not work in Europe due to stricter legislation.

On the inside, the Lyriq gets a single 33 “screen that starts from the left side of the steering wheel and continues over the center console. This screen tells the driver how fast the car is driving, for example, but also shows the camera views of the SUV and the infotainment- To view features, this screen should have “the highest pixel density possible” and be able to display over a billion colors.

The driver also receives two ar-huds. The first head-up display is closer to the driver and shows speed and direction, among other things. The second head-up display, positioned further away, provides navigation messages and other important notifications. Finally, the Lyriq will have noise canceling in the interior, nineteen AKG speakers and ultrasonic sensors with which the car must be able to park independently.

According to TechCrunch Lyriq will go into production in the United States in late 2022; Chinese production starts earlier. The electric SUV will become a ‘global’ product, although it is not yet clear whether the car will also come to the Benelux. Cadillac is hardly active here. By 2023, General Motors wants to have twenty fully electric cars on the market.

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