Cady Groves: the causes of the death of the singer revealed

Last May, the music industry mourned the death of singer Cady Groves. This Friday August 7, 2020, the magazine Today revealed the causes of his death. According to the Davidson Nashville County Medical Examiner’s Office, the 30-year-old is believed to have died of complications from chronic ethanol abuse. This product is nothing but a colorless liquid, the main ingredient in alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and hard liquor.

To date, the authorities in charge of the investigation have not yet responded to the American media, which wanted more details. Three months ago, on May 2, 2020, Cody Groves, the singer’s brother announced the death of the latter on Twitter. “Cady Groves has left this world. Details are limited but the family is trying to get some and will let you know. Rest in little sister“, he wrote below a photo of him and the deceased. He also said that Cady Groves’ death was of a natural cause before adding: “I hate doing this, but apparently the world and the internet are riddled with false information. In my original post, I said we don’t have any information to try to avoid this stuff, but I want to stop all these rumors. A full autopsy was performed and there is no trace of any suspicious, criminal act, and there is no evidence that she could have harmed herself “, before continuing: “eshe had medical problems last fall and our assumption, until the tests are more complete, is that these problems have resurfaced. “

Who was Cady Groves’

Cady Groves was a country star in the United States. The young artist, who started her career in 2009, had just signed with the Thirty Tigers label and was planning to release a new album this summer. This one was finally released in May 2020, after his passing. This is the third tragedy to befall the Groves family as his parents lost two other children, their sons: Casey Groves 28 years old in October 2007 and Kelly Groves in March 2014 also 28 years old.

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