Caesars: the world before looks a lot like the world after

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“How is it that the members of the association are for life and that its leaders are indefinitely re-eligible?” wondered a collective of filmmakers, producers and actors in a resounding tribune published by the world, leading the charge against the opaque governance of the Caesars. It resulted in mid-February in the resignation of the entire board of directors in place, fully delimited, and especially of President Alain Terzian, the target of general anger. Covered with the names of birds in public and in private, tar, feathers and pans, the man with the eternal grin, producer of Visitors, had to spend the entire ceremony at the Salle Pleyel no longer in the first row in majesty but in the last ones, contemplating, with questioning eyebrows, the advent of a new world shaken by the departure of Adèle Haenel at the announcement of the Caesar of the realization to his unwavering friend Roman Polanski for J’accuse. Water and the Covid have since largely flowed under the half-collapsed bridges of a cinema in crisis having lost several months its rooms and, at their reopening, the main part of its spectators.

July 9Without making too much noise, the new statutes of the Academy were published, with a clear principle of a board of directors and an office elected by a general assembly made up of 182 members chosen by the 4,313 voters. “Members must be elected within the framework of full parity, each branch must be represented by an equal number of women and men”, specifies the regulations that were written under the diplomatic guidance of Dominique Boutonnat, the boss of the CNC. Professionals from different sectors (production, direction, screenplay, interpretation, etc.) were thus contacted to apply, precisely so that they participate in this joint ambition which was almost fulfilled, were it not for the persistence in scred of a status irremovable from the old world that we thought had definitely gone to reinvent itself in a dacha in the Luberon or a pearl oyster farm in Indonesia.

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However, the surprise seems to have been total for a good part of them to see, in the list revealed yesterday, of the elected officials of the new Association for the promotion of the cinema (which manages the Caesars) the names of Alain Terzian but also of Roman Polanski, now an archipolemic figure. Either two historical members of the association and as such – it is in the statutes but must not miss the line – “Elected for life”. They were just asked to write to express their desire to stay. If Claude Lelouch or Michel Hazanavicius abstained, on the other hand Terzian and Polanski have slept, each on their own, in writing their will not to give way and to appear in the family photo. Their names on the official list are affublished with a curious asterisk that a tiny caption in size 1,2 characters explains. The rest of the sketch while waiting for other twists and frightened faces in the night? The election of the board of directors on September 29. Read the regulations carefully this time …

Didier Peron


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