Cafiero’s harsh response to Bullrich and his rejection …

The Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, demanded that the opposition “stop doing politics in the format of trolls and fake news” while accusing the president of PRO, Patricia bullrich, of “dishonest” for having publicly questioned his affidavit.

The crossing was made via Twitter, when the former Minister of Security published the official’s sworn statement on her social networks, along with a letter asking for explanations for the alleged holding of savings in Dollars.

“After the President asked to save in pesos, I sent a note to the Chief of Staff. He said that he no longer had dollars, but his affidavit states that he did. If he sold them, what dollar did he turn to? answer and end the double talk, “denounced the leader of the toughest wing of Together for Change.

“I ask the opposition that after Macri put the country in its biggest crisis in 20 years, and being in the middle of the global crisis due to the pandemic, stop doing politics in the form of trolls and fake news “replied the Chief of Staff through a thread.

To reinforce his message, Cafiero showed the tweet of the PRO head and stated that “Bullrich is dishonest up to 280 characters”, since “the sworn statement is from January 2020 and is expressed in pesos.” And he clarified: “I sold those dollars for homebanking, at an official price, as appropriate”.

“Does macrismo speak of double discourse? Are they cynical or did they lose their memory?” Cafiero questioned. In another part of his defense, he also included a criticism of the financial situation of the former ministers of Economy of Juntos por el Cambio. Nicolás Dujovne and Alfonso Prat Gay, and the former head of Energy Juan Jose Aranguren when they were part of the public function.

“They put their money abroad and indebted the country while their assets grew”, the Chief of Staff said about the former officials, adding: “Don’t you think they still owe the Argentine people answers?”

Finally, Cafiero called for respecting the electoral results: “Accept that in the elections the proposal to rebuild Argentina was imposed on the basis of a production and employment model. And debate the best rules in Congress.”

This speech is in line with what was outlined this week by President Alberto Fernández, which from the province of Entre Ríos called to respect the legitimacy of the Government: “We didn’t go in through the window, we went in because almost 49 percent of the people voted for us. “

“If I have peace of mind, it is that I have done nothing more than fulfill my campaign word. Some will not like it because he would have liked to win, but he did not win. less is legally opposed, “said the president.


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