Caja Rural Central lowers the price of its fixed mortgages to 1.59%

CRC’s mortgage offering is among the most competitive on the market.

A fixed-rate home loan offers the peace of mind of having a fixed fee throughout your life of the mortgage, without frights. With this type of mortgage the client will pay the same installment from the first moment until the end. No worries or unexpected changes, and with the peace of mind of knowing that you will have a fixed TIN and a fixed fee.

For its part, Caja Rural Central (CRC), lowers the interest rate on your fixed rate mortgages to the longest terms of this mortgage modality as it is the most requested by clients. CRC’s fixed mortgage implies that the entity becomes one of the few entities in the national market to have a complete offer of this type of product (variable, mixed, and fixed).

In addition, clients can benefit from a reduction in the interest rate of fixed mortgages in terms of 15, 20 and 25 years on the price so far in force. With this new movement, the fixed rate mortgages of Caja Rural Central would be as follows: from 1.59% TIN for a period of up to 25 years.

These prices place the mortgage offer of the credit union among the most competitive in the market in this mode, as this product is one of the most demanded by customers.

Additional discounts for contracting certain products

The prices mentioned above are available for those clients who combine the mortgage with the contracting of certain products. The higher the link, the higher the discount:

  • Payroll direct debit (-0.40%)
  • Credit card contracting (-0.16%)
  • Hiring home insurance (-0.35%)
  • Contracting life insurance (0.35%).

The contracting of these subsidized products has a optional character for the client and the decision not to contract it may mean an increase in the interest rate. The Caja Rural Central fixed mortgage can be requested by individuals residing in Spain for a first and second home.

Mortgage subrogation with CRC

Mortgage subrogation is an option that allows transfer debt from one financial institution to another to improve loan conditions maintaining the initial conditions of term and amortization.

Other advantages that Caja Rural Central offers in its mortgage offer is said subrogation in which The entity assumes the expenses of notary, registration, taxes and management.

This service is especially interesting for those who have a loan with a large capital pending payment and a long repayment period. Therefore, this service will allow to improve mortgage conditions, becoming a solution to pay a lower fee and save.


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