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Cali has difficulties in the east of the city for vaccination

Cali He has difficulties in the east of the city for vaccination, as reported by Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina.

The mandatary Caleño was concerned because the community is not attending the IPS and mega-centers to get vaccinated.

Ospina worried about caleños from the east

The mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, did not hide his concern about the lack of attendance of Caleños at the vaccination days in the east of the city.

“We have difficulties in the east of the city for vaccination. There are still people who do not believe the vaccine is important. Let this be the opportunity to tell our people from the east that getting vaccinated against covid is the way to life. We are anguished and concerned that such important sectors of eastern Cali are not assiduously participating in the opportunity of the vaccine, “said the president of Cali.

And it is that in this area of ​​the city there are several points for people to come to apply the vaccine. There are 12 vaccination points against covid-19 enabled.

These vaccination points in eastern Cali are:

  • New Latir Educational Institution
  • Coliseum María Isabel Urrutia
  • The headquarters of the Carvajal Foundation in the El Poblado II, El Vallado and La Casona neighborhoods.
  • The IPS Decepaz Health Center, El Vallado, Marroquín Cauquita and Manuela Beltrán.
  • The Intervenidas, Alirio Mora and Alfonso Bonilla health centers.

Vaccination should continue

The figures so far are encouraging because, so far, the number of fully immunized Cali has risen to 282,840. According to the Cali Health Secretariat, 23,955 doses of the anticovid vaccine were applied on Tuesday, June 22. This for a total of 878,185 doses supplied since the vaccination plan began at the national level.

According to the mayor of Cali, Caleños cannot lower their guard, in addition, he warned that more and more young people must receive care in the ICU. “We still have a grotesque pandemic peak. We are talking about 100% intensive care occupancy and, likewise, a reduction in the age of people who are attending intensive care units ”.

The president assures that the vaccine has worked since now there are fewer adults who need intensive care beds. “It is younger people who are causing the disease, but fortunately fewer deaths,” he concluded.


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