California condor returns

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Listed as endangered in 1967, California condors are now recovering after long conservation efforts.

“For the first time in nearly fifty years, California condors have been sighted in Sequoia National Park”, located in northern California, welcomes the Los Angeles Times.

These majestic raptors, the largest birds in North America, “Have been classified by the federal authorities on the list of endangered species since 1967”, Recalls the major daily newspaper on the West Coast.

Despite this ranking, “In 1982, only 25 representatives of the species remained”, who were then placed in the Los Angeles Zoo and in a San Diego animal park to ensure their reproduction in captivity and thus avoid their total extinction, continues the daily.

The species has mainly “Been a victim of lead poisoning, lead poisoning, because condors feed exclusively on waste, therefore carcasses of dead animals”, remind him Los Angeles Times. “These dead animals have often been hunted and contain fragments of lead from ammunition ”.

On the road to recovery

Reintroduced into the wild, in southern California, from 1992, the raptor population gradually recovered and began to “Repopulate its original territory which stretched from California to Florida and from western Canada to northern Mexico”. Today it has nearly 340 members.

“It has taken decades for California’s condor population to rebuild to the point that we find them today in places far from where they were reintroduced,” says Tyler Coleman, biologist at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, in the columns of Los Angeles Times. For him :

This is further proof of the recovery capacity of the species. The fact that we now find condors from California to Sequoia National Park is an important milestone. ”


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