California tightens and lengthens restrictions due to covid

California extends COVID restrictions in some areas.


California spread the Tuesday the strict orders to stay home in areas where units intensive care providers are running out of beds, after Governor Gavin Newson warned state residents to prepare for an “increase on increase ”of coronavirus cases due to year-end trips.

The state’s top health official, Dr. Mark Ghaly, said southern California and San Joaquin Farming Area Valley have no space in intensive care units, and that state restrictions would be extended in those locations.

Newsom said Monday that while hospital admissions were stabilizing in some places, the state was heading into a “new phase” for which it has been preparing by setting up hospital beds in stadiums, schools and tents, although it is struggling to get personal.

On Tuesday, California reported more than 31,000 news cases and 242 deaths, but the numbers are likely to climb this week as labs and counties catch up on their reports from the holiday week.

State officials also notified hospitals that the situation is so bad that they must prepare for the possibility that they will have to resort to the standards of medical care during crises established early in the pandemic, which allows treatment to be rationed.

The rise in infections is largely due to travel and holiday celebrations. Thanksgiving Day, which were held despite warnings not to meet because the country’s most populous state was already experiencing explosive growth in coronavirus cases.

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