Call for mobilization – They want to give the Rhône the same rights as a person

A campaign has been launched to give the river a legal personality, in order to protect it from environmental damage.


Will the Rhône soon be a legal entity, like the Ganges in India today?


Should a river be able to lodge a complaint against those who pollute it or degrade its ecosystems? Put thus, the question seems absurd, but it is not that much. Following the example of what has already been done in other countries (read below), a campaign is launched this Friday in Lausanne to endow the Rhône with legal personality. In other words, it would be a question of granting to the river – from its glacier, in Valais, to its French mouth in the Mediterranean Sea – the same rights as a person. This would allow its “lawyers” (individuals, associations, administrations or other designated entities guaranteeing its rights) to act on its behalf to prosecute those responsible for damages against it, or to oppose a project which does so. potentially threat.

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