Call for witnesses in France: a very premature baby is “in danger”

A very premature two-week-old baby is “in danger” after being kidnapped by his mother on Tuesday in a Parisian hospital, the police headquarters announced on Thursday calling for witnesses to find him “as quickly as possible”.

The little girl, Indy Victoria Hamidovic, “was born on January 27 in a hospital in the 10th arrondissement “ Parisian, specifies the prefecture.

The very premature child is in danger if he is not taken care of medically as soon as possible“, she underlines, noting that since the kidnapping, Tuesday around 12:30 pm, “The mother went to different pharmacies to buy baby equipment there.”

“It is likely to be in Île-de-France or in the north of France” and “may be accompanied by a pregnant woman”.

“The mother, originally from Eastern Europe, is 28 years old, measures 1.50m, is of thin build, she has brown eyes, medium brown bleached hair, her teeth are damaged and one of her incisors is forward”, details the PP.

“Anyone likely to bring elements allowing to locate them can contact the general staff of the judicial police of Paris with the free number 0800 00 27 08”, adds the prefecture, specifying that the brigade for the protection of minors is in charge of the investigations.

This call for witnesses comes a few days after the death of a little girl, Vanille, killed on her first birthday by her mother who then left her body in a clothing container in Angers, according to the city’s prosecutor’s office. Vanille’s mother, suffering from major psychiatric disorders, had not brought her daughter as planned Friday to child welfare (ASE) where she was placed. The “kidnapping alert” device was triggered on Saturday evening.

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