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Call of Duty: Warzone, the battle royale part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, now has 75 million players. Furthermore, Activision will be releasing a new season on Wednesday, making a mini battle royale mode available and entering the main stadium for the first time.

The new milestone of over 75 million players has been announced on Twitter by Activision. That number ran out in early May 60 million players and in April the boundary of 50 million bad. The latter was a month after the release of Warzone.

Activision has also released a trailer for the new fifth season, which shows how the roof of the stadium on the Verdansk playing field is blown up and players can actually enter the stadium. Until now, that stadium was never accessible and players could only walk around it or parachute on the roof. There is also a new train in which loot can be found and the trainstation can also be entered.

In addition, a mini battle royale mode will be introduced in the new season. Developer Infinity Ward describes that it brings together the chaos and intense battles of the last part of a regular battle royale round. The number of players is greatly reduced in this mode. Players still land normally via parachutes, but the playing field is much smaller than normal, so that the action will immediately start.

The regular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have multiple new playing fields, and players will have the opportunity to inspect their weapons during battle in both the regular section and in Warzone. The developer has the arrival of this confirmed on Redditbut it is not yet clear when exactly that will be possible.

It has also been announced that the new Call of Duty title for this year is being made by developer Treyarch. Activision announced this during an oral explanation in the context of the reporting of its quarterly figures. Treyarch Studios has this too confirmed on Twitter. Not much is known about this new title, although Activision indicated that Treyarch and co-developer Raven Software will show elements of the game ‘fairly quickly’. There was one before rumor that the Cold War is central to the new Call of Duty game.

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