Callao: man was stabbed to death inside his own home

A man identified as Toribio Marcial Becerra Silva, 63, he was stabbed to death within your own house, located in the El Álamo urbanization, in the Callao.

A neighbor alerted the victim’s relatives over strange noises and cries for help, so they went to see what happened. Upon entering the house, they found the man in a pool of blood.

Police sources indicated to RPP News that Becerra Silva had multiple injuries to his body, but his death was due to a cut on his neck at the level of the jugular. The man bled to death.

The relatives of the victim assured that neither the doors nor the windows of the house – located on the first floor of a four-story building – were violated, so they suspect that Becerra Silva he knew his attacker.

The man was a retired business manager and travel lover. Currently, your income they came from renting rooms in the building you own.

Criminalistics experts arrived at the crime scene to collect evidence and testimonies from neighbors. The case is under investigation by the authorities.

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