Callao: young man shot to death in front of his family in broad daylight

A young man was shot dead with multiple shots throughout the body when he was at the door of his home, located between the shreds Cajamarca and Loreto, Gambetta Baja, in Callao.

Images shared by the security cameras of a nearby building revealed how the young man in the white cap had left shortly before 4 pm on Friday the 20th to talk with some relatives when two subjects, who had previously identified him, approached him to open fire at point blank range.

In total, there were eight shots that ended the life of the young man with the initials EOMM (28). After the crime, both fled on foot without any neighbor of Gambeta I could do anything to stop them.

According to Callao TV, he was quickly taken to the emergency room Alcides Carrión Hospital, where the doctors could only certify his death. The medical expertise was able to verify that EOMM was shot in the head and chest.

The First Port Police do not rule out that it is an adjustment of accountsBecause after the attack was carried out, the thugs did not take anything with them.

Neighbors demand more security in the area, because the murder was committed in broad daylight and in the presence of children playing in the area.


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