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Calu Rivero and Anita Co testify in the Juan Darthés trial

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This afternoon, the actresses Calu rivero and Anita Co will testify at judgment that follows the actor Juan Darthés in Brazil for the complaint of sexual abuse committed against Thelma Fardin, in Nicaragua, during a tour of the television strip “Patito Feo”, when she was 16 and he was 45.

Judicial sources advanced that Darthés will be in the audience of the debate to which he arrives accused of the crime that the Brazilian laws call “aggravated rape”, and will witness the statements of Rivero and Co, who also denounced him for harassment, in one case, and for sexual abuse in the other.

The declaration of Rivero will start at 14 (local time), and will take place from the Argentine consulate in Rome, where the actress is currently working. While, Co will give his testimony half an hour later, from the headquarters of the Specialized Fiscal Unit on Violence against Women (UFEM), located in downtown Buenos Aires.

The defendant who denounced to silence

Darthés filed complaints against both witnesses when they began to tell what had happened.

In 2018, the actor Rivero started a case for “damages and losses” after she reported him for sexual harassment. Rivero had publicly referred for the first time to his sudden departure from the novel Dulce Amor, in 2012, in which he starred with Darthés.

A Co, meanwhile, Darthés criminally denounced her and sued for insults because in 2018 she had reported on her social networks an abuse that she suffered from the actor, in 1999, during the recordings of the strip “Gasoleros”. The actress was dismissed.

Fardin’s statement

Yesterday, on the first day of the trial, Fardin virtually declared before the Brazilian Justice for four hours. “I am very tired, very happy and proud that not only I but all of us have been able to get here and grateful to have been heard in court,” said the actress at the end, from the door of the UFEM.

“It already happened. Everything that I had in my hands, everything that I could do, I did. Today I came and took this backpack that I leave it to the Justice; I want to have confidence in Justice “he added.

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