Calu Rivero and more postcards of his wildlife: she washes the dishes in a pond while a snake stalks her

The actress and influencer is living in an animal reserve and shares her new daily life on social networks Credit: Instagram

Calu Rivero continues to share postcards of his new wildlife, where deer, pigs and nature are the protagonists. Some time ago the actress changed the streets of New York for a sanctuary, where she is installed and celebrates this new way of living.

“It is magical to feel this deep respect and affinity. Living in the Tamerlaine shrine is an incredible experience. I wear clothes for myself, not for certain occasions. I love this dress and this hat,” wrote Calu, who prefers to be called Dignity, along with a series of images where it can be seen immersed in its new habitat.

Less than a month ago,The actress announced through her Instagram account her decision to move to collaborate with the rescue of animals.“About 15 days ago I moved to @tamerlainesanctuary, a sanctuary for rescued animals. Nature does not stop teaching me things, and I continue to learn. I am grateful and I also wish to be able to share this unique experience with you,” she communicated and shared her new YouTube channel.

Cows, goats, pigs, cats appear in the videos where Dignity, with short hair, can be seen showing affection with each of the animals. She also shares photos of this green space, from where she is connecting with nature: her room, for example, has a window where you can see a dreamlike landscape, there is a river where she goes to bathe and she even teaches Spanish to one

Calu discovers something that scares his followers while washing the dishes – Source: Instagram


One of the publications that generated the most impact on his followers is one where he uploaded a succession of photos of washing dishes in the sanctuary. Dressed in rain boots and a puffy bubblegum pink jacket, Calu washes the dishes with water from what appears to be a pond, while talking to someone who asks her to describe her look. Beyond being in the middle of nowhere, the actress and influencer continues to wear cool clothes and dresses. In the last of the images, Rivero films a snake that is just below where they were drawing water and putting the dirty pots in.

Calu cooks in the middle of nature – Source: IG Stories


In the stories, the actress also exhibits the wildlife that is in the sanctuary: mushrooms, elk and different plants. The food – in this case a vegan dish, since she has not eaten meat or animal products for some years – is prepared in a roasting pan over a fire, between rocks. And faced with some difficulties, she asks Francis Mallmann for help to know how not to choke on smoke.

Without a doubt, Calu is living the experience to the full and his social networks function as an intimate diary of his own “new normal”.

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