Calvo remains hospitalized waiting to know the result of the coronavirus test

The first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, has been hospitalized since last Sunday to be treated for a respiratory infection, according to the first medical diagnosis, and waiting for tests to confirm whether she has been infected with coronavirus. As reported by La Moncloa, the vice president went yesterday afternoon to the Ruber clinic in Madrid, where she was finally admitted with the diagnosis of respiratory infection. He had been reporting symptoms for a few days and precautions had already been taken. Among the medical tests carried out, the coronavirus test was performed. At the closing of this edition, the result was not yet known.

The government saw the need to justify Calvo’s stay in a private medical center from the outset, despite the criticism that the PSOE has been pouring out for years against the privatization of healthcare in Madrid. The explanation offered was that she is a career civil servant, which makes her the beneficiary of an agreement with Muface, the public mutual society, in which, however, you can choose between publicly owned and private centers. Calvo chose, at the time, the private one.

The first vice president of the Government participated in the 8-M demonstration, carrying the banner next to Begoña Gómez, wife of President Pedro Sánchez and who has tested positive for coronavirus. Minister Irene Montero, partner of Vice President Pablo Iglesias, also participated in the massive march and also reported positive in Covid-19, as well as the Minister of Territorial Policy, Carolina Darias, another of the attendees.

Calvo had been doing normal activity until quite a few days after those three positives were known, but since last Wednesday, when he attended the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies, he has no official agenda. The government has already tested all its members after Montero’s positive, in which Calvo was negative.

His positive would require a review of all the people with whom he has had contact since the date determined as the most probable moment of contagion. Just a week ago, he participated in person at the Council of Ministers together with President Pedro Sánchez, the spokesperson María Jesús Montero and the four commanders delegated by the state of alarm: José Luis Ábalos, Margarita Robles, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and Salvador Illa. But also in those days he participated in a meeting with the president’s two main collaborators: Iván Redondo and Félix Bolaños. Strict compliance with the protocol would have required a quarantine for 14 days.

With the state of alarm, the role of Calvo had been relegated in favor of the delegated authorities, but his absence is relevant from the point of view of the government’s gear. Dr. Simón has already justified as “exceptions” that both Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, with their infected partners, do not comply with the quarantine. But if the disease hit Sánchez, his confinement would be forced. Although yesterday in La Moncloa they pointed out that this would not mean their incapacity. And that therefore he would not be replaced by Pablo Iglesias, as Calvo was hospitalized. Although not even that automatism is contemplated in the law. .

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