Camacho says witness evidence is devastating

With the witness Mauricio Dantas Bezerra, the lawyer who represented Odebrecht in the agreement signed with the public prosecutor in 2017, this instance accredited more than 20 documentary evidence against those involved in the case of the Brazilian firm.

The head of the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Administrative Corruption (Pepca), Wilson Camacho, said that the evidence accredited before the judges of the First Collegiate Court of the National District against the six implicated in the notorious case is devastating.

The hearing was adjourned for today at 9:00 am with the questioning of the key witness of the public prosecutor, Dantas Bezerra, with whom the court began its testimony last Friday.

The court made the decision, after rejecting several objections presented by the defense of those involved, thereby seeking to have the court reject the accreditation of the documentary evidence with the Odebrecht executive witness.

During the hearing, the witness Dantas Bezerra declared in court that Odebrecht made payments for a few million dollars that were destined to the defendant Víctor Díaz Rúa, through the defendant Conrado Pittaluga.

He argued that the payments to Pittaluga were made through Odebrecht’s structured operations sector through Offshore accounts of the companies Lachan, Conansa and Newport, “one of those was for Mr. Conrado Pittaluga,” according to the witness.

He also said that payments were made to Ángel Rondón Rijo, the main defendant for the bribes of US92 million.

Meanwhile, Camacho assured that the statements of the witness Dantas Bezerra are the beginning of a series of elements that will sufficiently demonstrate the accusation against the six defendants in the Odebrecht case.

“We come today with the aim of continuing to test our theory of the case beyond any reasonable doubt, which is what we have done so far,” said the deputy attorney, after assessing the statements of Dantas Bezerra, the first witness to offer in the trial that follows the six accused of receiving bribes of the US $ 92 million that the Brazilian company admitted to having paid to obtain the award of public works in the country.

When questioned by journalists about the statements of the defendants’ lawyers that detract from the testimony of the Brazilian Dantas Bezerra, Judge Camacho affirmed that it is normal for the defenses to try to downplay the statements of a witness who is proving the established facts in the prosecution of the public prosecutor.


After a recess in the hearing in the Odebreht case, there was an unusual meeting between the witness Mauricio Dantas Bezerra and the defendant Conrado Pittaluga, in one of the bathrooms of the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice, located on the first floor a few meters from the court . As soon as Dantas left the court, lawyer Conrad Pittaluga quickly followed him into the bathroom where the witness had gone.


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