Camellia Jordana bisexual? She tells all about her experience …

Camélia Jordana is an artist who has made a lot of talk in her last years. The singer was revealed in 2009 to the general public, thanks to her participation in the tele-hook of the New star. Camélia Jordana comes out third and since, she made music her profession. This year, it is in collaboration with two other talented singers that she is working. Their album Shorror, on which she was therefore working with Vitaa and Amel Bent, is a cover album.

These are therefore three worlds that intertwine and above all three superb voices. During their interview for Gala, the three singers were asked about their relationship with women. Indeed, this committed feminist posture questions and is clearly highlighted by the fact that they are three women who work hand in hand, calling their album “sorority” or “sister”.

This question from Catherine Ceylac will go much further than their feminist commitments. Indeed, Camélia Jordana will come to speak of her romantic inclinations, sowing doubts about her attraction to men and women. Objection explains everything to you.

Camélia Jordana thought she loved girls as much as boys

The 28-year-old singer is not the type to be cold in the eyes. Taboo subjects or controversies, she doesn’t care. To give her opinion, she does not deprive herself and knows how to argue to defend her positions. But as she said during his interview for Gala, she has all the same calmed down quite a bit on that side. Less quick to endorse controversy at all costs, Camélia Jordana nevertheless remains a committed artist who cannot say what she thinks.

It is then up to the public to prefer controversy rather than just melt away while listening to his angelic voice. Camellia Jordana knows how to be as sweet as she can be vindictive. And question of ambivalence, if sometimes she assumes two opposing inclinations, sometimes she prefers to experiment in order to choose her camp. Objection already warning you, that’s what she did for her romantic inclinations.

Maybe Camelia Jordana didn’t want to miss something. When Catherine Ceylac, journalist at Gala, asks the singers about their relationship with women, she knows she is speaking to two women married and mothers as well as a young unmarried woman. Camélia Jordana is even “supposed” to be single but the truth is that the media know nothing about her life at that level. It is therefore an opportunity to try to see more clearly. But Camélia Jordana may then be on purpose to cover his tracks.

A feminist position that is slipping away

Indeed, Camélia Jordana will explain that he has already been attracted to women. But officially, she is normally attracted to men. The singer therefore wanted to clarify things. For this she had a relationship with a woman. And this experience allowed him to settle down. For the journalist of Gala, it is still a pole to seize. She then tries to highlight the luck of people who can therefore “double their chances”, by loving men and women equally. But Camélia Jordana remains on her position, she replies that it would also “double the problems”.

Finally, Vitaa and Amel Bent fly to the aid of Camélia Jordana. After all, just because they are mothers does not mean that they cannot understand this conception of women. They all share forts sentiments admiration and respect for all the women of this world. Not only because they are part of the fairer sex, but above all because they were raised by courageous and inspiring women. So much so that Amel Bent confides that she would have been lost to have had boys to raise rather than girls.

Objection finally reminds you that sister is out and you can find the entire interview with Camélia Jordana, Amel Bent and Vitaa in the pages of the last issue of Gala.

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