Camera at Monson’s Massage Center Spy Camera | Monson Mavunkal | Massage Center

Kochi: A camera will be installed at the massage center of the house of swindler Monson Mavungal. The woman, who filed a harassment complaint against Monson, testified to the Crime Branch. The Crime Branch concludes that many high-ranking officials remain silent against Monson for fear of blackmail. Manorama News received footage of the massage center. With the Poxo case against Monson coming to light, suspicions have been mounting about Monson’s home treatment center.

Although there are cosmetic treatments, massage is popular here. It was here that the minor girl was molested by Monson and other employees. The girl testified that a camera was installed inside the treatment center. Many of those who sought Monson’s treatment were caught on camera. The crime branch concluded that there were higher ups in this.

It is learned that many people who do not want to repay the Monson crores have not complained for fear of blackmail. The crime branch team inspected the massage center and seized several items. The forensic department also came for examination. The investigation team expects more young women to file complaints against Monson.

English Summary: Spy camera in Monson Mavunkal house massage center


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