Camila Vallejo makes fun of Diego Schalper’s concept: “Citizen fetus?”

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Chile Publimetro28 September 2021

Chamber approved decriminalization of abortion up to 14 weeks: now it returns to committee for voting in particular

As he recalled in his account Twitter Deputy Camila Vallejo, Deputy Schalper said that “in abortion there is no resumption, what there is in reality is the end of the life of an innocent citizen.” She was so struck by the fact that Schalper considers someone who has not yet been born a citizen that she wondered if there would be a “citizen fetus?”

In fact, Schalper’s intervention had other elements subject to debate. In one part it was asked if “a girl of fourteen months of life in the womb does not have human rights?”.

The text that was approved the text modifies the Penal Code. By means of a first amendment, the current penalty for whoever causes an abortion with the woman’s consent is not altered, but it is defined that it will be applicable after 14 weeks of gestation. The woman is freed from the penal sanction. As in the previous case, it will only be imposed after 14 weeks for those who cause or consent to an abortion outside of the three permitted grounds.

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