“Camilla’s Coronation and Its Impact on Princess Diana’s Sons: Analysis and Reactions”

2023-05-10 21:38:54

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Princess Diana was destined for the role, but now Camilla will be the new queen. Not easy for her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

London – Camilla (75) becomes queen. that it should be her destiny King Charles’ Page (74) Camilla Parker Bowles never dreamed of being crowned. On the contrary, as the divorced wife of British officer Andrew Parker Bowles (83), even the idea of ​​marrying the British heir to the throne was unthinkable. At 75, Camilla will now be crowned with her former lover on May 6 before the eyes of the world. But what does that do to the children of the late Princess Diana (36, † 1997), who was destined to become queen all her life.

For Camilla, it’s “a hell of a challenge,” says biographer Christopher Wilson

“Considering that for most of her life she never thought about the idea of ​​being queen, she’s doing incredibly well,” A Greater Love author and biographer Christopher Wilson, 76, told the magazine People Magazine. “It’s a hell of a challenge being in the spotlight all the time at that age, but she’s tough and she can handle it,” he says of Camilla, whom he’s been observing for a long time for his research.

Those who, regardless of whether they are currently on good terms with each other or not, should see it differently are Princess Diana’s sons, Prince William (40) and Prince Harry (38). “You probably feel a little shaky on your feet,” says royal author Ingrid Seward (75). People. And further: “I think a lot of people will feel the same”. Although it was heard from the palace that the brothers grew up knowing about their father’s affair with Camilla and that as they grew up they also welcomed their stepmother. A Windsor family friend confirmed there was no hostilities.

Royal Author Wilson: “He was right to complain . . .”

On the contrary, Prince Harry expressed his support for Camilla in 2005, saying that he and William “love her to the core” and that she was “not the bad stepmother”. In his memoir “Spare” it sounded different. William and he are glad that their father has found happiness, but they didn’t think he should have married Camilla right away. Prince Harry also accused Camilla of leaking details of private conversations to the press. So there can be no talk of a trusting relationship.

Princess Diana should have been queen if the marriage hadn't ended.  How do their sons William and Harry feel that Camilla will now sit on the throne?  (photomontage).
Princess Diana should have been queen if the marriage hadn’t ended. How do their sons William and Harry feel that Camilla will now sit on the throne? (photomontage). © Gareth Fuller/dpa & cover images/imago

Wilson classifies Harry’s statements in “Spare” as follows: “He [Prinz Harry] rightly complained that he and William were used in the early days to legitimize Charles and Camilla’s partnership,” says the royal expert. “Over time, she learned to deal with the beatings. Harry’s feelings had been known to her for many years. Your reaction to Harry’s comments would be limited to a sad shake of the head.” Whether it comes to that, you can watch live at the coronation, if Prince Harry travels to London in honor of his father to be up close and personal when Camilla takes his place on the throne. Sources used: people.com

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