Camille Lellouche in a jet-ski: she attracts the wrath of her Instagram community (video)

© Instagram Camille Lellouche

On vacation in France, Camille Lellouche shared a highlight with her Instagram followers. Very badly took him!

The comedian indulged in the joys of jet skiing during her vacation, and shared a video of her in action on her Instagram account.

If many subscribers reacted well to its publication, it angered and disappointed some who let it know in comments.

“Wooh noise pollution!”, reacted a subscriber. “For the dolphins, unfortunately, an absolute disaster, these noises disrupt their way of life and this causes the long-term death of many of them and especially the little ones, so the return of these devices only inspires me to sadness”, wrote another person in his community. “That kind of person doesn’t care”, outbid another. “Between the loud music, the posturing on a nutshell in the creeks and the jet, you have not found anything better to enhance your image… pathetic…! It comes out of the capital and it thinks itself the kings of the world … Disappointing Camille… to a point… “, “It looks like a caricature of the Marseillais. Really fascinating, I will stop following it”, can we still read.

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