Camp Trump calls for a new partial count in Wisconsin | U.S. Elections 2020

After the results were certified for all counties in the state on Tuesday, she said on Wednesday that she would formally file her request with authorities in Wisconsin to have the results verified in those of Milwaukee, the state’s largest city, and Dane, which encompasses the capital, Madison.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won first with 75 percent of the vote and a gap of over 181,000 votes, and second with 69 percent of the vote, and nearly 183,000 more votes.

The state election commission stressed that the request had not yet been made, but confirmed that it had received the three million dollars needed to cover the cost of the new counting procedure.

Unlike many states, Wisconsin charges campaign teams the cost of these steps. A new statewide recount would have cost $ 7.9 million.

Experts agree that it is highly unlikely that the outcome of the verification will change the identity of the winner in that state, and a partial re-count makes the assumption even more unrealistic.

In this state, a candidate can request a new recount if the difference between him and the leader is less than 1%. The procedure could not be launched before the officialization of the local results, which precede the certification by the State, on December 1. Barring legal reversals, Michigan, which has 10 major voters, will be the last of the key states to formalize its results.

The president-elect won the state by beating his opponent by more than 20,500 votes, a gap of just over 0.6%.

In other states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada, the Trump campaign has instead chose the legal route to challenge the election results, but largely unsuccessful. According to ABC News, she has filed at least 18 appeals.

Refusing to acknowledge his defeat, Donald Trump has raised the specter of massive electoral fraud, ranging from votes recorded on behalf of deceased people to the suppression of votes by voting software and the counting of invalid votes, all allegations for which he and his allies never presented evidence.

Outcry after Republicans refused to validate results in Michigan

On Tuesday evening, the two Republican officials of the vote validation committee in the predominantly pro-Democratic county of Wayne, Michigan’s most populous, ended up doing an about-face after initially refusing to certify the election results as were ready to do it their two Democratic colleagues.

The county, which includes the city of Detroit, voted 69% in favor of Joe Biden against 30% for Donald Trump, who garnered nearly 333,000 votes less than his rival.

Committee chair Republican Monica Palmer said she did not believe polling station records are complete and accurate. While minor disparities have been reported, the situation is comparable to those observed in previous elections, according to the New York Times, and they do not point to massive frauds like those advanced without evidence by President Trump.

The Trump campaign has failed to prove its claims in court.

Ms. Palmer subsequently said she was ready to certify the results of communities other than that of the city of Detroit . The city is 78% African-American, an electorate that overwhelmingly favors Democrats.

The two Republicans’ initial decision to block proceedings that are usually just a formality sparked an outcry from state officials, but also from hundreds of citizens who were attending the debates virtually.

For three hours, the citizens then strongly denounced the attitude of the two Republicans, accusing them of racism, as hammered by a voter, whose remarks quickly became viral.

You […] will forever be known in Southeast Michigan as two racists who did something so unprecedented that they robbed hundreds of thousands of black voters in the city of Detroit of their rights

Wayne County Elector Ned Staebler

After a break of a few minutes, the committee announced that it had validated the results and asked the Michigan Secretary of State to conduct a thorough audit of the county’s results, especially in ridings with disparities.

Tuesday marked the deadline for certification of results in all Michigan counties, ahead of the state next Monday. The Democrat won the state with 50.6% of the vote against 47.8%, with nearly 158,000 votes more than the incumbent president.

The Trump campaign had warmly applauded the initial blockage. On Twitter, one of the president’s legal advisers greeted a huge victory, citing the prospect of the state’s vote-checking committee following the example of Wayne County, leaving the Republican-dominated Legislature itself to designate the electorate instead of the large pro-democratic voters designated by popular vote.

Firing of a federal official who defended the integrity of the election

Former CISA director Chris Krebs had challenged President Trump’s allegations, but did not name him.

Photo : Reuters / Jonathan Ernst

Tuesday evening, Donald Trump fired the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of the Department of Homeland Security (CISA), Chris Krebs, who had contradicted his conspiratorial claims about the validity of the vote in press releases and also on Twitter, but without naming him.

A few days ago, Mr. Krebs, a key player in the federal electoral security apparatus, signed, with the officials of several national and local electoral authorities, a joint statementtestifying to the integrity and security of the election, presented as safest in history.

There is no evidence to show that any voting system deleted, lost or changed votes, or was hacked in any way., they said in a joint statement.

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