Campazzo to NBA: opens free agency and the path now leads Argentine to Denver

Facundo Campazzo would close his arrival in Denver Nuggets, the last finalist in the Western Conference (Photo: EFE)

The mysteries and speculations around Facundo Campazzo: “I confirm that he will play in the NBA”. The agent of the Argentine base, Claudio Villanueva, acknowledged that the landing of a high-level franchise of the Western Conference is on the way and the information in Spain indicates that the next destination is Denver Nuggets, last finalists in that area.

Free agency opened this Friday and according to the manager of Facu the negotiation should be resolved before next Monday. “Once he signs, his contract with Real Madrid ends. From there we have to be attentive to see how it will have to move. NBA tournament starts in 40 days. You will most likely have to travel directly. Campazzo has three things you can’t buy anywhere: head, heart and legs. With that, he can play anywhere in the world, “explained his agent in the last hours in dialogue with the radio program. Soccer 910.

What delays the arrival of the Argentine star who currently works in the Real Madrid? Initially, today would be his dismissal with that shirt: expected to be part of the squad in the Euroleague match against Fenerbahçe Istanbul. Meanwhile, in the United States, Nuggets will have to sharpen the pencil to finish closing their roster.

Facundo Campazzo would play his last game in Madrid today (Photo: EFE)

Facundo Campazzo would play his last game in Madrid today (Photo: EFE)

The road to Facundo began to turn after Jrue Holiday, a former New Orleans Pelicans who was signed for that position, was traded in the last hours to the Milwaukee Bucks. However, Denver has to perform some internal movements to accommodate the chips with the names of Jerami Grant, Monte Morris Y Gary Harris in the center of the scene.

Grant, one of the figures of the franchise along with Jamal Murray and the croatian giant Nikola Jokic, you are negotiating the extension of your contract. But at the same time, he’s going into free agency and the Los Angeles Lakers have him on their radar. Denver has most of his attention to come to fruition with this negotiation, which he considers vital to continue on the winning path.

With that priority, those of Michael Malone will have to make room for the Argentine to fight for the base position that mainly falls into the hands of Murray. Facundo would fight the position with Morris, who was chosen 51st in the 2017 draft and will enter his final year of his contract, valued at 1.7 million (he averaged 9.0 points, 1.9 rebounds and 3.5 assists in 22.4 minutes during the recent season ).

The Argentine’s battle on the roster would also take place with Gary Harris, a bet of the organization since the 2014 draft (they chose the 19th position) that he had the conditions to be a great forward but the injuries complicated it. Should the Nuggets get rid of him, some franchise will have to be financially able to face a hefty salary of around $ 20 million over the next two years.

From the player’s side the thing is closed: pay the termination clause of six million euros in installments, something that has already begun to do in recent months where he allocated the salary that had to be paid in the entity to reduce the amount set for his departure. As reported by the Madrid newspaper Brand, the real will keep Campazzo’s rights in Europe in case the adventure in the NBA is brief.

Although was on the radar mainly of San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks and Minnesota Timberwolves, Campazzo’s path seems to be in one of the powers of the West, which comes from facing the Conference finals, where he fell against the team that would later become NBA champions, Los Angels Lakers.


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