Camping: The trend for holidays in 2021 is towards simplicity

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Simple instead of glamorous – this is the new trend

With glamping, campsites have also captured the hearts of those who were not friends of this type of travel before. Now comes the counter-trend: Camping holidays are becoming more of what they used to be.

Camping holidays: More and more people like to slip back into tents

Campfire romance: More and more people like to slip back into the tent

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Esimple, uncomplicated and close to nature. Camping holidays go back to their origins. Caravans are getting smaller, motorhomes more compact. More and more people like to slip back into the tent. Even if you find a sleeping mat and a gas cooker instead of a spring mattress and a state-of-the-art kitchenette, as in the noble version of glamping, which has also delighted many newcomers in the past 15 years.

Quite a few who got a taste for it have found camping pleasure. And while big ships and luxury were still in demand a few years ago, there is now growing demand for well thought-out solutions in tight spaces that allow you to travel with agility and flexibility.

Luxury of the simple: camping instead of glamping

The private bathroom on the pitch, the whirlpool in front of the tent and inside equipment like in the luxurious holiday apartment – more and more camping holidaymakers are saying “doesn’t have to be” and they are reaching for a tent. Avoid unnecessary ballast and travel carefree is the motto.

The most uncomplicated variant leaves a lot of freedom and is ideal if you want to be mobile. The new love for simple travel is favored by clever equipment from feather-light cookware to foldable accessories.

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“Glamping” on two wheels

Some sites offer family and round tents and thus offer not only cheap accommodation, but also an original camping feeling with a campfire romance. The most spartan form of camping is the open hammock with a tent roof and double floor for a change of clothes and wash bags.

Space wonders: Teardrop Caravans and Sealanders

The small caravans owe their name to their teardrop shape. Inside, the sturdy mini caravans are cleverly designed space miracles, with which travelers always have a comfortable bed and a fully functional kitchen with them.

The concepts are different. In some models, the refrigerator and cooking elements are hidden under the fold-out rear, turning them into a spacious outdoor kitchen. Awnings and awnings expand the living space.

Camping: Teardrop caravans offer a surprising amount of space in a small space

Teardrop caravans offer a surprising amount of space in a small space

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The most unusual variant is the Sealander, which turns into a houseboat with its outboard motor. Practical: For the small and correspondingly light trailers, which usually do not exceed 750 kilos, you neither need a powerful towing vehicle nor an extra trailer driver’s license. And at home the “little one” often even fits in the garage. There are high-quality models from 10,000 euros.

Manoeuvrable: compact campers and panel vans

RVs are booming. According to the Caravaning Industry Association (CIVD), there were 78,055 vehicles in Corona summer 2020, almost 45 percent more new registrations than in the previous year. And in view of the orders, the industry expects demand to remain high.

Small box vans and vans, which on the one hand have everything you need for a holiday on board, but on the other hand are not a chump in everyday life, are particularly popular. With them you are mobile on excursions and, unlike conventional mobile homes, have no parking problems at home. Families and younger people in particular appreciate the compact vehicles, which make up almost half of all new registrations.

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Particularly popular are models with a pop-up roof or roof tent, which thanks to the uncomplicated structure above offer a comfortable sleeping area. Solutions such as lifting beds create a lot of space in the interior, and manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to a pleasing appearance.

Choice of location: lonely campsites in Europe

In Central Europe in particular, the standard on campsites has reached a very high level in recent years. Especially in popular holiday regions such as the Adriatic Sea, France’s Atlantic coast, Jutland or the south of Spain, these sometimes resemble small towns with a corresponding infrastructure.

But there are also systems on which the parking spaces are not perfectly straight and the surroundings are perfectly organized. Parking spaces in castle gardens and on farms are often idyllic alternatives to organized spaces.

In Switzerland there is “Nomady” ( an Airbnb for campers who can set up tents or mobile homes with private hosts. There are currently 130 spaces between vineyards, on farms or in lonely valleys. There are comparable offers in Germany “Tent home”, „Campspace“ or „Hinterland“.

The Baltic states are perfect for solitary camping, where holidaymakers can expect a lot of nature and only the bare essentials of infrastructure. Wild camping is not a good idea. This is not allowed in Germany or in most other European countries.

Even the much-cited everyone’s right in Scandinavia does not automatically mean free choice of seat wherever you want to settle. Without organized space, you can only stop as a non-motorized tent vacationer, provided that the property owner is asked and you keep a certain distance from residential buildings.

“Warn against writing off Easter already”

Many people long for recovery from the Corona crisis. In an interview with WELT, the Federal Government’s Tourism Commissioner, Thomas Bareiß, comments on the chances of an Easter holiday and possible opening steps in the travel industry.


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