Can headbands really reduce headaches?

today’s news Can a headband really reduce pain? who has a headache Try to study so that you can reset yourself. What kind of symptoms did you experience? and what can be conveyed will notice yourself knowing that What kind of pain should be urgently needed to see a doctor for treatment.

What kind of headache? need a doctor

Dr. Somsak Ankasil, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, revealed that headaches are important to observe the headaches of yourself and your family. the nature of the headache How urgent is the need for medical examination? The symptoms that are considered warning signs of headaches that require urgent medical attention include:

  • Headache that occurs for the first time in an elderly person, or over 50 years of age, has never experienced this type of pain before.
  • The pain is sudden and very intense.
    • Headaches with neurological disorders such as
    • blurred vision, blurred vision
    • limb numbness or weakness
    • crooked face, drooping corners of the mouth
    • staggered, unable to balance
    • difficulty speaking
    • incomprehensible or unable to speak
    • have a seizure
    • have a fever
    • Stiff neck, unable to bend. due to a lot of pain or pain, especially in the occipital area
  • Headaches in immunocompromised patients or people with a history of cancer in other organs
  • Headaches along with red eyes, blurred vision, or narrowing or altered vision
  • Headaches are increasing in frequency and intensity. Taking medicine and not getting better
  • localized headache no relocation Always the same pain

while Dr. Thanin Vejchapinan, director of the Institute of Neurology added that If the headache is caused by other causes and environmental factors such as

  • Stress from work or mental state
  • The temperature is too hot or too cold.
  • noisy or chaotic environment
  • Excessive or strenuous activity
  • Headache from migraine

The headaches from these diseases are usually less severe. But it may interfere with daily activities, each time may be healed quickly or slowly differently. The position usually takes up a lot of the head area. Or there is a change in the location of the pain in different parts of the head, sometimes left, sometimes right, etc.

If you or someone in your family has a headache with warning signs. should immediately go to the hospital for examination and treatment But if there is pain without the above danger signs. but is compatible with pain that has a clear cause and trigger factor may have to try to avoid such incidents and can take painkillers wait for symptoms Or some of you may choose to use the method of squeezing head massage, acupuncture, listening to relaxing music. It may help reduce or alleviate some causes of pain.

Can headbands really reduce headaches?

In the case of using a head strap Dr. Thanin continued that it may relieve some pain from headaches in the group suffering from stress. similar to squeezing the head massage to lighten the symptoms By not relying on any mechanism of action, but currently there are methods to treat migraine headaches caused by abnormalities of the fifth cranial nerve by using a headband that uses a small electrical stimulation to stimulate the nerves. such as to reduce excessive or abnormal work. to relieve migraine headaches But it is not yet clearly effective compared to other standard therapies and the price is still quite high.

If you choose to use any treatment should study the information completely To prevent danger or complications as well as value for money. But it’s best to continue with proper medical examination and advice.


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