Can I pack someone like that? Heidi Janků explained why she was still alone

Three years have passed since the death of Ivo Pavlík’s wife Heidi Janků. The loss was huge for the singer, but now she would not resist another relationship. But it has one catch…

Singer Heidi Janků and Ivo Pavlík formed a satisfied couple of thirty-five long years and were fateful partners. Their relationship was stable and they were a role model for the other couples. But then everything was ended by the cruel hand of fate, because a few years older husband died. For Heidi, of course, it was a huge loss, but her heart had healed and the singer would not resist a new acquaintance for almost four years after her husband’s death. But time does not wish her.

A coronavirus stands in the way

Heidi Janků is not only beautiful, but also funny and can make fun of herself. She has recently decided to answer fundamental questions about her personal life. The question of whether there is a man in her life seems to be given very often. “This is a message for all journalists who keep asking if I’ve found a friend. Is that how I can pack someone? ” the singer asked under a photo of her face covered by a respirator.

However, many of her admirers do not perceive the protective device in any way. The comments of Heidi’s secret admirers immediately began to appear under the article. “Well, I’d take you in a spacesuit,” he wrote under a photo from the web one of them. “You would always pack me,” another added. So Heidi is definitely not in need of suitors! So where is the problem?

Everything has its time

Although the singer would like to welcome a new man in her life, she tries not to hurry. “I’m not going to say I don’t want love, but I’m definitely not pushing the saw, it’s not something I really missed,” Heidi said according to the newspaper some time ago. Aha! with a link to

The problem may also lie in men in general. Some time ago, Heidi confided in her the experience of one so successful meeting. According to her, the problem is finding the right man. “It’s a shame to talk, it was awful. Not that he didn’t behave nicely, but those quality men probably aren’t. They come to me quite feminine, and at the same time I would need a good man next to me, a tall man to look up to, ”complained Heidi, who will surely meet the real one soon.


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